Mathieu Martyn

UX Design

Experienced and passionate UX designer

I work closely with other disciplines to create products and services from idea to finished product, app or website. I work with great attention to detail and a strong focus on the complete end to end UX and the needs of the business. Experienced as a designer, design lead and design manager, in established design teams or as a design first hire, I contribute meaningfully and substantively to projects at many levels.

Coming to UX design from a Psychology and HCI background, I bring a strong user focus to UX development and particularly enjoy working with users to uncover unmet needs, designing to satisfy them and testing solutions with users. I work to protect the integrity of a UX design through a range of development contexts, including agile and lean, but am pragmatic and realistic at the same time about what is critical for the UX and what is negotiable.

As well as championing the user throughout the process, I deliver significant value to projects by exploring and evaluating technical solutions from a UX perspective early in the development process to identify limitations and constraints on UX that they may bring. This reduces the cost of later rework if limitations prove unacceptable, gives a clearer picture of the resulting UX and increases the likelihood of a project delivering quality UX. Constraints challenge me to innovate and I have consistently done so on projects throughout my career. I have recently defended my inventions against infringement by key mobile OS providers.

I am looking for a position combining responsibility and design authority, within an organisation that recognises the value of research and design, is willing to invest time in the development process for them and is committed to delivering quality user experiences.

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