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UX Design

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Watchphone Concept

Hardware concepts for a watchphone had been developed by the Product Team in London, but our Head of Office wanted to present more to Seoul HQ than just a couple of hardware designs. I was tasked with producing a presentation and I wanted to bring the hardware concepts to life, creating UX around them and contextualising them to tell a product story to HQ. With very little scope to change the hardware design and very tight timescales, I storyboarded the presentation, developed the scenarios and use cases for showcasing the designs, developed product and screen interaction for the watchphone concepts and organised a small team of designers to create the deliverable. The interaction and screen design are very similar to the iPod Nano 6th Gen. which launched 4 years later.

  • Role: Design Manager / Lead Designer
  • Client: Samsung
  • Timeline: 2006

Some slides from the presentation...
Watchphone 1
Watchphone 2
Watchphone 4
Watchphone 5
Watchphone 16
Watchphone 17
Watchphone 18
Watchphone 19
Watchphone 20
Watchphone 21
Watchphone 22
Watchphone 41
Watchphone 41
Watchphone 42
PWatchphone 60
Watchphone 61
Watchphone 62