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Visual Identity for Branded Devices - O2

O2 needed to translate their strong brand into their range of branded devices. Product design and packaging had been customised but the brand had not moved into the visual design and only minimally into the interaction design of the devices. I was asked to create and run a project to develop an O2 branded UX and to task and manage an external agency to deliver it. I devised and conducted a 1 day kick-off workshop introducing the agency to the O2 brand, outlining what a branded UX means and setting design direction. I then managed the output of the agency, working closely with them to iterate and refine brand expression. I conducted user research with the agency output to drive iteration and refinement and later worked with the agency and the device manufacturer to implement the resulting assets and layouts in the next handset in the range of branded devices. During this time I created and delivered an interaction Style Guide and high level app flows to the manufacturer for implementation.

  • Role: Design Manager / Designer
  • Client: O2
  • Timeline: 2007

Project framing from the kick-off workshop

O2 brand - workshop 1
Excerpt from a visual design competitor analysis from the workshop

O2 brand - workshop 2
Some results from the user involvement sessions

Project 01b
Sample Visuals from the chosen direction

Project 01c