Mathieu Martyn

UX Design

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S90 Platform UI

A smartphone platform which appeared on the Nokia 7700 and 7710 and 9390 before being dropped in favour of Series 60. I took over as Design Lead on the Series 90 platform for Nokia and Psion, co-creators of the platform. Series 90 followed on from the success of the Nokia 9210 but went in a much more consumer and media-focused direction. I was responsible for the Style Guide and Widget specifications amongst others and spent much of my time on the project making proposals to Nokia to simplify and improve the UX and to increase the velocity of design. Immediately prior to the platform being scrapped in 2004, we were exploring portrait use, structural animations and swipe interactions, for example to unlock the screen, for future devices. I then moved to work on aspects of the Nokia 770 Linux-based internet tablet, including design of Chinese language input methods, before leaving Mobile Innovation to join Samsung.

  • Role: Design Lead
  • Client: Nokia / Mobile Innovation
  • Year: 2002 - 04
Nokia 7710
Project 01a