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Mobile Wallet

An NFC Mobile Wallet service, initially multi-platform in Poland, later focusing on Android for Germany and other Eastern European countries. Based initially in London, I worked remotely with team in Bonn and Warsaw. In later phases, the project moved to Agile working, requiring me to work in Germany for most of 2012. Using technologies and infrastructure defined and built by a variety of partners that had not previously been integrated, a significant part of the design work involved assessing the user experience impact of the different elements and their integration - examining what affordances and limitations they would they have on our user experience. MyWallet shipped in Poland in Q1 2012 and was piloted in Germany in 2013. The product faced many challenges arising from the requirement to integrate with embedded partner infrastructure, particularly in Poland. I was instrumental in driving understanding of what this meant for the UX of the product and in finding practical solutions.

  • Role: Lead Designer
  • For: Deutsche Telekom
  • Timeline: 2010 - 12
Working remotely in Hatfield, I planned out a programme of work, beginning with desk research to understand the domain, the technology and the constraints. I then began to develop materials to generate and support discussion around the direction, requirements and scope of the service with the wider team in Bonn and align with remote stakeholders.

I carried out a competitor analysis of contactless services and then began developing scenarios to explore where a DT Wallet could add value for consumers to focus project direction and scope and to engage with technical teams.

Competitor Analysis and Contactless Scenarios

I updated and released the competitior analysis throughout the project to update the team and contextualise what we were doing. The scenarios formed the basis of product requirements and user stories.
I explored potential barriers to user adoption of mobile payment services, drawing on published user research and my own thinking to frame our approach to the service.

I sketched out and iterated many potential Mobile Wallet interactions and flows and worked with a visual designer to build some example mobile screens for exploratory User Research in Germany. Research results fed into the development of detailed User Journeys. These helped to define project scope and focus and highlighted integration points with external NFC infrastructure as well as refining service interactions. Much of my time was also spent researching and discussing the technology base with experts to uncover any UX impact of the technical environment. Significant challenges and risks were uncovered and highlighted early in the project as a result.

Iterate, test, refine
Sketches, User Research results and a User Journey.
User Journeys were used to create an NFC demo at Mobile World Congress 2011...

...and were used as discussion tools in meetings with industry partners including the REAL supermarket chain in Germany, Deutsche Bahn and MasterCard Europe.
I produced UX specifications for the Polish release for Android and other platforms which launched in 2012 with an interesting advertising campaign...

...and UX specifications for the German release. Mobile Wallet was launched in Germany in 2014 and later in Hungary and Slovakia.

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